From sands to sky and in all four corners of the world,

we create secure foundations and firm bonds.

About Us

Hexa is an Australian-based property development group with local expertise and global strength.

Collaboration and diversification gives us the capability and the confidence to deliver consistent results.

We share our successes with our business partners, investors and the communities in which we operate.

Our Operations

Hexa Group’s operational headquarters is based in Melbourne , Victoria. Our enterprises and projects have provided many jobs for Australians. Our primary focus is property development which includes volume townhouse projects, multi-level residential apartment buildings and commercial-use ventures.

This is complemented by property development, real-estate investment, asset management and a capital management platform.

Our Philosophy

From sands to sky and in all four corners of the world, Hexa creates secure foundations and firm bonds. We are fascinated by the subtleties in projects. We understand the connections between every granular component and draw them together for strength and sophistication. Our people and our business partners share a commitment to progress and to continuously improve.

Hard work produces outstanding results and here at Hexa we are committed to ensuring our results are always world class. Combined with our advanced capabilities and dedication to results, we ensure the growth of success that benefits all involved.


Xuemei Li

Xuemei Li’s unique vision and strategy is an asset at the head of Hexa’s board of directors.

His diverse business interests in finance, international trade, logistics and resources are underpinned by an entrepreneurial approach to construction management. His early successes have included the development of multiple large scale hydro and power projects in China. His profile was further elevated with the founding of multination success story Quan Jun Da Industrial. Under Xuemei’s leadership it has grown into a top tier private coal trader with yearly turnovers in the billions. Xuemei believes that good business should be good for the world. He actively seeks to connect industry to the community and prioritise sustainable shared prosperity.


William Yang

As CEO, William brings broad experience in implementation and management to the Hexa team.

William has hands-on experience in each of the financial, legal and marketing aspects of property development. He has made a career out of knowing how all the pieces fit together.

With a Masters degrees in Business Law & Accounting from Monash, William’s expertise has contributed to the successful development of landmark Australian developments.


Leon Liu

Leon’s practical insights and pragmatism underscore Hexa’s reputation for reliable delivery of high quality property developments. His specialisations in accountancy and management are an invaluable asset, bolstered by a Bachelor of Business from Monash.

An experienced frontline problem solver, Leon’s eye for compliance and risk management improves every project in which he participates. Involvement in high-profile world-class projects has earned him an industry-wide reputation.


Chino Li

With a degree in logistics from RMIT, Chino has a mind for strategy and an eye for efficiency. His technical excellence propelled him into a career that has taken him around the globe, honing a truly international business acumen.

In 2014, Chino was central to brokering an investment partnership between Hexa and Quan Jun Da Industrial. He continues to steer that partnership from strength to strength.

Associate Director

Rae Xiao

Rae’s history of achievement in sales operations and the marketing of luxury brands speaks for itself.

She founded a real estate business before being scouted by Jardine Matheson. From there, she earned an international reputation for sales management and business development with Mercedes-Benz.

Now Rae has come to Australia and to property, which is her original professional passion. With a Masters degree in Accounting from the University of Melbourne and full CPA accreditation, her involvement invigorates Hexa and empowers its executive team.

Project Manager

Paul Carstairs

Paul completed his Bachelor of Architectural Engineering and Design Management at Loughborough University in the UK in 2006. He went on to complete a successful tenure as Site and Project Manager in France with Bouygues Construction, Ateliers Jean Nouvel and CALQ Architecture with important international clients such as Microsoft, Beacon Capital Partners and The Carlyle Group. Paul then immigrated to Australia in 2012 and joined a well-established Project Management Consultancy.

Paul offers a comprehensive and unique background in Project Management. His experience has given him plenty of opportunities to handle all stages of Project Management with great attention to detail.

Property development

Under the Hexa Pacific banner, we develop volume residential projects, multi-level residential apartment buildings and commercial property ventures. From site selection through to construction and delivery, we apply end-to-end expertise to every project in which we participate.


Real estate investment

Our expert analysis of real-estate profit potential has proven to be a versatile strategic strength. As well as being an important component in property development projects, it underpins a healthy investment portfolio by identifying land banking and commercial asset opportunities.


Asset management

Hexa applies property expertise and financial analysis methods to foster both capital growth and income-generating holdings. We also provide asset management services to investors seeking a passive portfolio.


Capital management

Hexa Capital is the group’s specialist investment division. Its hand-picked professional team run a proprietary capital management platform reliably backed by the group’s quality projects.


Emerging interests

While Hexa’s initial diversification strategy looked to cover the breadth of the property industry, we have also allocated resources to other specialised fields. Presently, we are pursuing interests in the education sector as well as laying the foundations for a charity.